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Probiotin Tablet

Vitamin H (biotin, vitamin B7, coenzyme R) is only good; is one of the vitamins that are reflected in the outside of a person's health care provider who also provides health. The skin is silky and silky, helping to make it thick and shiny. SA Feeds, quality, and increase the speed and the speed of extension. It ensures that natural hazards such as light, dust, dirt and natural hazards such as dyestuffs can withstand the damage caused by the services of the hairdresser. Decrease the amount of time it is needed.

Biotin deficiency;

  • Drying, scaling and tenderness on the skin,
  • Cholesterol diet,
  • Got rid of redness,
  • SE & ccedil;
  • Psychological symptom similar to depression

The use of biotinin;

  • Eczema, skin problems like dermatitis,
  • For those who want to lose weight, in
  • SE & ccedil;
  • In order to prevent, to delay the whitening,
  • Blood sugar and cholesterol are added to the
  • In order to eliminate misinformation problems.