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Prozinc For Dry Hair

HAIR TYPE: Hair that is dry, brittle, weak, difficult to comb, with dandruff, split ends and needs to be given moisture and volume. Refresh your hair with moisturising Prozinc Shampoo It helps you to have 20% more bright hair by micronized lipids, together with moisturising by Vitamin E.

  • By containing Zinc Pyrithione, it prevents and Dandruff when used regularly.
  • By containing Vitamin E; it helps to regain moisture for
  • Dry,
  • Fragile and
  • Moisture free hair.
  • It provides 20 % more bright hair as well as helping you comb your hair more easily and gain silky appearance due to micronized lipids.
  • It helps your hair to be fed from roots of hair and to vitalize.
  • It provides sebum control for hair skin
  • It prevents hair loss as well as helping hair growth in a healthy way due to biotin inside it.
  • Suitable for dry hair
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Dermatologically tested
  • No colourizers
  • No parabens

How to use?

After you pour sufficient amount of Prozinc shampoo into your hand, froth Prozinc by applying it through your hair with cyclic moves. Keep this process during 2-3 mins. After you rinse your hair, apply this process as much as it is required. For a better result, it is suggested to use Prozinc shampoo together with Prozinc hair cream and Prozinc hair mask. It is not suggested to use Prozinc together with any other shampoos. It is suggested to use Prozinc regularly and frequently.

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